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Marketing and Operations Director

Caroline Boone

Caroline is our Marketing and Operations Director at 30A Realty. She excels in bringing a modern approach to social m…

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Real Estate Advisor

Shade Butler

Shade, born and raised in Corinth, MS, had big dreams to provide his family with a happy beach life! He's been invest…

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Real Estate Advisor

Kris Cannon

A true Florida native, Kris was born and raised here on the beautiful Emerald Coast. After receiving a B.S. degree f…

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Real Estate Associate

Lourdes Clark

Lourdes is a native of Cuba and has lived most of her life in Florida. She spent about 15 years in Birmingham, Alaba…

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Real Estate Advisor

Cayla Clinger

After growing up in Mooresville Indiana, Cayla relocated to the Florida Panhandle with her family. She Immediately fe…

Photo of Cayla Clinger
Real Estate Advisor

Dee Dee Dahlberg

Dee Dee is a graduate from the University of North Texas with a degree in Interior Design and Retail Merchandising. …

Photo of Dee Dee Dahlberg
Real Estate Associate

Cheryl English

Cheryl is a real estate professional with decades of experience assisting buyers and sellers along the Gulf Coast of …

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Alice Forrester

Alice moved to this area in 1984 and has seen it grow from being a quite sleepy little area of paradise to being a bo…

Photo of Alice Forrester
Real Estate Advisor

Jen Hamor

Jen is the self-appointed Mayor of 30A who has never met a stranger. She has a huge network in the area and is an ex…

Photo of Jen Hamor

Michael Harbin

Before joining 30A Realty Michael is originally from Montgomery, Alabama, and after spending much of his childhood a…

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Real Estate Associate

Karen Isbell

Karen is a 30A real estate market expert.

Photo of Karen Isbell
Real Estate Advsisor

Josh Jimenez

As a seasoned real estate professional since 2013, I understand that buying or selling a beach home is more than just…

Photo of Josh Jimenez
Real Estate Associate

LaRonda Kallmeyer

LaRonda purchased her first investment property in Seagrove Beach in 1999, after falling in love with the area and de…

Photo of LaRonda Kallmeyer
Real Estate Advisor

Jodi Lee

Jodi grew up in Camilla, Georgia, but always had an uncanny desire to live at the beach. She attended University of W…

Photo of Jodi Lee
Real Estate Advisor

Lynn McCay

Lynn is a 30A real estate expert. From Birmingham, Alabama; Lynn has been helping her customers find their perfect se…

Photo of Lynn McCay
Real Estate Broker Associate

Pace McDonald

Pace graduated from the University of Florida College of Business in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Afte…

Photo of Pace McDonald
Real Estate Advisor

Ben McLeod

Ben, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, has multiple-years’ experience in real estate and commercial banking. Ben h…

Photo of Ben McLeod
Real Estate Associate

Carol Missildine

Carol is an experienced real estate professional at 30A Realty. She is well versed in the luxury market. Call Carol t…

Photo of Carol Missildine
Real Estate Associate

Brad O'Brien

Brad is an expert in regards to 30A homes for sale.

Photo of Brad O'Brien
Broker Associate

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips has been marketing properties in South Walton for over 20 years. He works in Rosemary Beach, Seagrove B…

Photo of Jim Phillips
Real Estate Advisor

Alex Rogers

Alex, a graduate of Clemson University, is originally from coastal South Carolina. After several years of working in …

Photo of Alex Rogers
Real Estate Advisor

Penny Sherrill

I grew up in Decatur, Georgia and am a graduate of Emory University. Prior to becoming a Realtor, I worked for 21 yea…

Photo of Penny Sherrill
Real Estate Advisor

Greg smith

Greg Smith is a top producer for 30A Realty. He is very experienced in development and construction. Reach out to Gre…

Photo of Greg smith
Real Estate Advisor

Jason Stanley

Jason is an expert in the 30A market. He is well versed in what it takes to market and sale your property.

Photo of Jason Stanley
Real Estate Advisor

Tim Uzar

Tim is a Real Estate Advisor in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl!

Photo of Tim Uzar
Design Director

Devan Watkins

Devan directs all design execution involved in marketing at 30A Realty. She is an integral part of maintaining the vi…

Photo of Devan Watkins

Jacob Watkins

Jacob brings years of investment, finance, accounting, small business leadership and construction experience to the r…

Photo of Jacob Watkins
Broker Associate

Mickey Whitaker

Mickey has been marketing property in the South Walton Area since 1985. He has worked with several developers durin…

Photo of Mickey Whitaker