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We are in the full heat of summer on 30A and we’re looking for any reason to keep it cool! Who’s with us? Sometimes the best way to beat the heat is to bring the party in and entertain at home. So we’ve composed a list of our 5 favorite ‘entertaining on 30A’ Happy Hour Essentials!


1. Wine and Mixers from Modica Market It’s never a party without spirits right? So first we recommend stopping into Modica Market located on the Seaside Square for your wine, mixers, and garnishes. If you happen to have a sweet tooth while you’re there, be sure to grab a slice of their orange dreamsicle cake, it’s to die for!

 2. Cheese from The Wine Bar Paired with your wine and summer refreshments, it would be courtesy to offer  your guests a bite to eat to hold

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Every year thousands stand and gather to partake in Seaside’s 4th of July parade, located right in the heart of 30A. “The parade predates Seaside, making its inaugural debut in 1976 when a band of Seagrove locals charted a course from Hickory Street, south to Highway 30A, through the dunes and onto the beach for a day and night of revelry. Hickory Street sits three blocks east of Robert’s Way, the eastern entrance of Seaside!” 30A Realty had the honor of participating, in the 43rd annual ride! At 30A Realty, we believe no holiday is too small to celebrate so there is no doubt we like to go all out on Independence Day. We kicked off the morning at sunrise with mimosas and muffins, and then set out for our red, white, and blue adventure. We even

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